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Camps Archives - Discover the Berkshires
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Camp Marion White

Camp Marion White is a traditional day camp w/water fun & horseback riding. Platform tents, outdoor fireplaces & log lodge. Winterized lodge rental available.

Contact information
Camp Marion White is located on Richmond Pond, Richmond, MA 01053.
Phone: (800) 462-9100
Email: info@gscwm.org
Web: https://www.gscwm.org/camp.shtml

Berkshire Vista

Berkshire Vista is a clothing-optional resort and campground serving present nudists and newcomers to the world of social and recreational nudism in a peaceful setting.

Contact information
Berkshire Vista is located on Kittle Road, Hancock, MA 01237.
Phone: 413-738-5154
Email: request@berkshirevista.com
Web: https://www.berkshirevista.com/

Camp Taconic

Camp Taconic is a family owned, residential summer camp located on one hundred acres in the beautiful Berkshires is a safe haven for boys and girls ages seven through sixteen.

Contact information
Camp Taconic is located at 770 New Windsor Road, Hinsdale, MA 01235.
Phone: 413-655-2717
Email: info@camptaconic.com
Web: https://www.camptaconic.com/

Camp Romaca

Camp Romaca is a summer community where every girl is made to feel that she belongs and that this is her home away from home. Where campers learn to live together, make new friends and enjoy a warm interlude from an ever-more commercial age.

Contact information
Camp Romaca is located at Longview Ave, Hinsdale, MA 01235.
Phone: […]

Camp Emerson

Camp Emerson offers over 50 summer camp activities on 170 acres of extensive facilities.

Contact information
Camp Emerson is located at 212 Longview Avenue, Hinsdale, MA 01235.
Phone: (413) 655-8123
Email: directors@campemerson.com
Web: https://www.campemerson.com/

Camp Danbee

Located on spring-fed Lake Ashmere in the Berkshire Mountains. Camp Danbee is all about spirit, enthusiasm and energy.

Contact information
Camp Danbee is located on Route 143 Hinsdale, MA 01235.
Phone: (413) 655-8115
Email: jay@campdanbee.com
Web: https://www.campdanbee.com/

Clarksburg State Forest

Clarksburg State Forest is a beautiful place to view fall foliage. Clarksburg State Park offers 368 acres of abundant and unspoiled northern hardwood forest with breathtaking views of the Hoosac Range, Mount Greylock and the Green Mountains.

Contact information
Clarksburg State Forest is located at 1199 Middle Road, Clarksburg, MA 01247.
Phone: (413) 664-8345
Email: mass.parks@state.ma.us
Web: https://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/western/clsp.htm

Sandisfield Arts Center

Originally a Baptist Meeting house, Sandisfield Arts Center, a historic 1839 Greek revival style building was transformed into a community arts center in 1995.

Contact information
Sandisfield Arts Center is located at 5 Hammertown Road, Sandisfield, MA 01255.
Phone: (413) 258-4100
Email: info@sandisfieldartscenter.org
Web: https://www.sandisfieldartscenter.org/

Camp Half Moon

Camp Half Moon is located in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts and offers a traditional sleepover camp experience to children ages 6 to 16 as well as a Day Camp program to children ages 3 to 15.

Contact information
Camp Half Moon is located on Lake Buel, Great Barrington, MA 01230.
Phone: 413-528-0940
Email: info@camphalfmoon.com
Web: https://www.camphalfmoon.com