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Antiques & Collectibles Archives - Discover the Berkshires
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Antiques & Collectibles

Library Antiques

The Library Antiques is much more than your ordinary antique store. Decorative accessories and wonderful sweaters are tastefully displayed among the beautiful antiques.

Contact information
Library Antiques is located at 70 Spring Street, Williamstown, MA, 01267.
Phone: 413-458-3436
Email: libraryantiques@verizon.net
Web: https://libraryantiques.com

Barn Speed Hobbies

Visit Barn Speed Hobbies for a hobby shop that meets all your needs with thousands of kits, ARF’s, RTF’s, Radio’s, and accessories IN STOCK!

Contact information
Barn Speed Hobbies is located at 109 Center Street, Lee, MA 01238.
Phone: 413-243-2651
Web: https://www.barnspeedhobbies.com/index.html

Hoadley Gallery

Hoadley Gallery specializes in fine American crafts with an emphasis on pottery, jewelry and clothing – Voted one of the Top 100 Craft Galleries in America.

Contact information
Hoadley Gallery is located at 21 Church Street, Lenox, MA 01240.
Phone: (413) 637-2814
Email: hoadley@berkshire.net
Web: https://www.hoadleygallery.com

Great Barrington Antiques Center

Great Barrington Antiques Center is a clutter free multi-dealer shop featuring furniture, paintings, rugs, decorating accessories and showcases filled with quality items. All at realistic prices. Open daily 10-5. Closed on Wed. Jan.-April. Located 1 1/4 mi. south of downtown.

Contact information
Great Barrington Antiques Center is located at 964 South Main Street, Great Barrington, MA […]

Blackbird Antiques

Blackbird Antiques is located in a lovely Victorian cottage at the corner of Pope St. and Rte. 23 (Maple Ave.) in Gt. Barrington. A shop full of everything interesting: from fine antiques to funky ’50s. Open every Sat. 1- 6 when not exhibiting at antique shows around the country.

Contact information
Blackbird Antiques is located at […]

Wingate LTD

Wingate, Ltd. is a comprehensive interior design and home furnishings showroom specializing in Imported Antiques and European Reproductions. Their distinctive style provides unique solutions which respond to individual client settings.

Contact information
Wingate LTD is located at 420 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230.
Phone: 413-644-9960
Taft Farms Inc.
Web: https://www.wingateltd.com

Harland B Foster Inc.

Harland B Foster Inc. has been providing hard-to-find woodworking tools, hardware & antique tools, for over 50 years. Bicycle sales & service for South County. Haro, Gary Fisher, Nishiki & Raleigh bikes.

Contact information
Harland B Foster Inc. is located at 15 Bridge Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230.
Phone: 413-528-2100


Evergreen contemporary crafts by over 250 fine American artisans. Jewelry, pottery, blown glass, whimsical handpainted furniture by Sticks, unusual lamps, luscious silk & handwoven clothing & fabulous frames.

Contact information
Evergreen is located at 291 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230.
Phone: 413-528-0511
Email: info@evergreencrafts.com
Web: https://www.evergreencrafts.com

Asia – Barong

Asia – Barong is a massive warehouse of Asian art, antiques,and exotica. Suppliers of Galleries and Museums nationwide. Huge inventory of virtually every category of Asian cultural art and artifacts.

Contact information
Asia – Barong is located at 199 Stockbridge Road, Route 7, Great Barrington, MA 01230.
Phone: 413-528-5091
Email: talbotwilliam@hotmail.com
Web: https://www.asiabarong.com

Heirlooms Jewelry

Heirlooms Jewelry has an eclectic selection of fine antiques, estate & contemporary jewelry from the Victorian, art nouveau, Edwardian, art deco, retro & modern periods.

Contact information
Heirlooms Jewelry is located at The Mews Off Main Street, Stockbridge, MA 01262.
Phone: 413-298-4436
Email: robin@heirloomsjewelry.com
Web: https://www.heirloomsjewelry.com


Creations is a one of a kind store located in North Adams, Massachusetts, which so many folks have come to know and love to visit again and again and again. Our crafters and artists sell wonderful handmade crafts, collectibles, gifts and treasures of all kinds….from country to contemporary, southwestern to americana, we have a […]

Mundy’s Asia Galleries

Mundy’s Asia Galleries features Japanese screens, armor, scrolls, furniture, Buddhist artifacts, ceramics, and moreā€”all at wholesale prices. Warehouse open Tues-Sun 10am-5pm; Japanese Antique and Kimono Flea market on Sundays.

Contact information
Mundy’s Asia Galleries is located in 6 Harris Street, West Stockbridge, MA 01266.
Phone: 413.232.8539
Email: asiagalleries@sbcglobal.net
Web: https://www.asiagalleries.com

Sawyer Antiques

Sawyer Antiques at the Shaker Mill offers a broad selection of American furniture, accessories and collectible items. Written appraisals for insurance, donations, family division, and estates are offered.

Contact information
Sawyer Antiques is located at 1 Depot Street, West Stockbridge, MA 01266.
Phone: 413.232.7062
Email: scott@sawyerantiques.com
Web: https://www.sawyerantiques.com

The Great Exchange

A most unique selection of off-the-beaten path art, antiques, jewelry and character items can be found at The Great Exchange. Relive the past and discover a perfect gift for yourself and someone else.

Contact information
The Great Exchange is located at 18 Main Street, West Stockbridge, MA 01266.
Phone: 413.232.9828

Corner House Antiques

Corner House Antiques store is a large two-story barn that specializes in period American antique wicker furniture dating from 1870-1930.

Contact information
Corner House Antiques is located at Route 7, Sheffield, MA 01257.
Phone: (413) 229-6627
Email: ttetro@americanantiquewicker.com
Web: https://www.americanantiquewicker.com

Cupboard & Roses Swedish Antiques

Cupboard & Roses Swedish Antiques specializes in 18th and 19th century antiques.

Contact information
Cupboard & Roses Swedish Antiques is located at 296 South Main St. Sheffield, MA 01257.
Phone: (800) 290-5762
Email: edithgilson@cupboardandroses.com
Web: https://www.cupboardsandroses.com