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The Berkshire County town of Lee, MA was incorporated in 1777, and was named after General Charles Lee, 2nd in command to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Lee is known for papermaking and for its marble, which is said to be the hardest and finest quality in the world. Its marble was used in the nation’s Capitol Building, Empire State Building and the Massachusetts’s Statehouse just to name a few. Today, Lee, MA is a charming town listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of its buildings have been around since 1760. There are many great shops and restaurants to visit. You can even eat at Joe’s Diner; the inspiration for Norman Rockwell’s painting “The Runaway.”

Lee, MA
Housatonic Railroad c. 1911

Lee, MA information:
Population: 5.985
Settled: 1760
Incorporated: 1770
Originally known as Dodgetown in 1760
Named after General Lee
Elevation: 1000ft
Lee, MA town website:
Town Hall: 32 Main St., Lee, MA 01238
Phone: (413) 243-5500

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