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Lenox, MA was just a regular Berkshire farming and mill town until it was “discovered” by wealthy residents of Boston and New York City. It was in the mid 1800s when Lenox became the second home for these city transplants and they started building huge vacation homes they quaintly called “cottages”. This “Guilded Age” ended by the early 20th century when the introduction of the income tax and other factors made it impossible for these part-time residents to maintain their large homes. It was during the 1930s that Lenox had a rebirth when the Boston Symphony Orchestra named the Tanglewood estate as their new summer home. Today, Tanglewood has become famous as one of the world’s leading music festivals, bringing in more than 300,000 listeners each summer. Lenox, MA is filled with cultural entertainment, wellness resorts like Kirpalu and Canyon Ranch as well as great food.

Lenox, MA
Lenox Town Hall

Lenox, MA information:
Population: 5,077
Settled: 1750
Incorporated: 1767
Originally founded as Richmond
Named after Charles Lenoxx
Elevation: 1200ft
Lenox, MA town website
Town Hall: 6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240
Phone: (413) 637-5500

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