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Monterey, MA used to be part of the Berkshire town of Tyringham, but it became a separate town during the Mexican War. The town’s selectman wanted to name it commemoration of General Zachary Taylor’s battles in Mexico and Texas, but the names Palo Alto and Buena Vista were too foreign-sounding so the name Monterey was chosen. There are some beautiful natural resources to behold in Monterey, MA. Lake Buel, Lake Garfield, the Mill River and Beartown State Forest are all located in Monterey. This makes it a wonderful town to visit and explore.

Monterey, MA
Monterey School

Monterey, MA information:
Population: 934
Settled: 1739
Incorporated: 1847
Originally part of Tyringham in 1767
Elevation: 1244ft
Monterey, MA town website
Town Hall: 435 Main Rd., Monterey, MA 01245
Phone: (413) 528-1443

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