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As far as land area goes, Sandisfield, MA is the largest town in Berkshire County. It was once one of the most prosperous towns in Western Massachusetts, due to its location next to the Farmington River and fertile soil. It was a strong producer of rye, flax, potatoes and corn, and there were many orchards. Sandisfield suffered in the late 19th century when the railroad failed to be developed along the Farmington River. Today, Sandisfield, MA is mostly a rural town and has some of the least densely populated parts of the state.

Sandisfield, MA information:
Population: 824
Settled: 1750
Incorporated: 1762
Originally settled as Housatonic Township Number 4
Elevation: 1577ft
Sandisfield, MA town website
Town Hall: 3 Silverbrook Rd., Sandisfield, MA 01255
Phone: (413) 258-4979

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