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The town of Tyringham, MA was first settled in 1735 and was officially incorporated in 1767. It was the home to a fairly substantial Shaker settlement named Jerusalem that was established in 1792. It consisted of three clusters of buildings and housed over 200 Shakers. Tyringham was also home to several small country estates for the wealthy, which have now since gone. Today, Tyringham, MA is a small, scenic rural community that offers its residents a peaceful lifestyle.

Tyringham, MA
Santarella in Tyringham

Tyringham, MA information:
Population: 350
Settled: 1735
Incorporated: 1762
Founded as Housatonic Township Number 1
Elevation: 901ft
Tyringham, MA town website
Town Hall: 116 Main Rd., Tyringham, MA 01264
Phone: (413) 243-1749

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