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Located in the western part of Berkshire County, West Stockbridge, MA is a beautiful small town that was incorporated in 1774. West Stockbridge was different from many of the towns in Colonial days, because it did not rely solely on agriculture as the foundation for its economy. Instead, its resources lay below the surface in the form of fine marble and iron ore. Much of the marble used to build the State House in Boston and the old City Hall in New York came from the quarries of West Stockbridge, MA. Today, most of the industry has long since gone and the town now plays host to many summer residents and visitors.

West Stockbridge, MA
West Stockbridge, MA

West Stockbridge, MA information:
Population: 1,416
Settled: 1766
Incorporated: 1775
Originally called Queensborough
Elevation: 901ft
West Stockbridge, MA town website
Town Hall: 21 State Line Rd., West Stockbridge, MA 01266
Phone: (413) 232-0301

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